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Set up syncing QuickBooks Desktop with TrustFile

You can automatically sync QuickBooks Desktop with TrustFile. To do so, authorize TrustFile connecting to QuickBooks Desktop.

Important: If you're using QuickBooks Desktop with AvaTax, syncing with QuickBooks Desktop won't import the tax properly. Follow the directions for AvaTax file upload instead.


  1. Download, extract, and run the .exe file as an administrator to begin installing the Avalara TrustFile for QuickBooks Desktop client.

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    To run as an administrator, right-click and select Run as Administrator.

  2. Select Next, select Install, and then select Finish.
  3. Run QuickBooks Desktop in Administrator mode and log in with an administrator account.
  4. Select Yes, Whenever this QuickBooks Company File Is Open, select Continue, and then select Done, but don't close any other QuickBooks Desktop windows.
    The Avalara TrustFile for QuickBooks Desktop client can now access the QuickBooks Desktop company file and finishes installing.
  5. Sign in to TrustFile, select Data Sources, and then select QuickBooks Desktop. 
  6. Enter the name you want displayed for this connection in TrustFile.
  7. Select the initial transaction start date for transactions to synchronize, select Connect, and then select Authorize.
    The start date should align with your current filing period requirements and not be earlier than what needs to be included on current returns.
  8. Copy the TrustFile access token and select OK.
  9. Paste the TrustFile access token into Enter TrustFile Credentials in QuickBooks Desktop, select the types of transactions to sync, and then select Connect to TrustFile.
    To change which transactions types sync, you have two options:
    • Uninstall and reinstall the Avalara TrustFile for Quickbooks client.
    • Edit Avalara trustfile/bin/AvalaraTrustfile/CompanyName/SyncDetails.xml in your program files.
  10. Keep QuickBooks Desktop running until the sync is done.
    QuickBooks Desktop must be running to sync with TrustFile. The initial sync can take some time, depending on how much information needs to be imported. If you don't see all of your transactions from QuickBooks Desktop in TrustFile within 24 hours, contact Avalara Support
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