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Manage AvaTax account of your company

After your first sign-in to the AvaTax connector, you perform the initial (one-time) configurations. Next time whenever you sign in to the connector, you are taken directly to the Account page where you can update your initial configurations.

Manage the AvaTax account of your company for a QuickBooks company file.

Switch between sandbox and production environments of Avalara AvaTax

You can switch between sandbox and production environments internally immediately after you sign in to QuickBooks Desktop or later. You may or may not need to sign in again depending on the fact that you use the same or different credentials for the two environments.

For details, see Switch environment using the Account page.

Repair connection

If your installation of AvaTax connector is damaged due to some issues, you can fix it by repairing the connection. The repair will delete unused AvaTax items, and will update your company’s entity/use code list.


  1. Go to Account > AvaTax account.
  2. Click Repair Connection > Continue.

    A message is displayed on successful completion of the repair.

Update business identification number

You can update your business identification number (BIN) for the non-U.S. transactions, which you selected during basic configurations.


  1. Go to Account > Business identification number (BIN).
  2. From the BIN field drop-down list, select the QuickBooks field that contains the updated BIN.
  3. Click Update.

    A message is displayed on successful completion of the update.

All future transactions utilize the updated BIN.

Connect to a different Avalara AvaTax company profile

If your Avalara account is linked to multiple company profiles, you can switch to a different company profile any time.


  1. Go to Account > Connect to a different AvaTax company profile.
  2. From the AvaTax company profiles drop-down list, select the company that you want to connect to this QuickBooks company file.
  3. Click Connect.

    A message confirms successful connection.

Override Avalara AvaTax settings

You can override AvaTax settings of this QuickBooks company file by importing AvaTax settings of a different QuickBooks company file. This is possible if you have multiple QuickBooks company files with different AvaTax settings.

You can perform multiple attempts of this action. Every time you import AvaTax settings from a different company file, it will override the existing settings.


  1. Go to Account > Import AvaTax settings.
  2. From the QuickBooks company drop-down list, select the company from which you want to import the settings.
  3. Under Settings to import, select the check boxes next to those settings that you want to import.
  4. Click Import. A warning message pops up asking for your confirmation.
  5. Click Yes to confirm. A message confirms successful import.
  6. Click OK.

Restart QuickBooks for the imported settings to take effect.

Logging AvaTax activities

You can log your AvaTax activities for troubleshooting preferences.


  1. Go to Account > Troubleshooting preferences.
  2. Turn the toggle buttons on next to the logging options that you want to activate.
    The available options are:
    • Make my AvaTax activity securely available to Avalara support.
    • Save my AvaTax activity to a file on my computer.
  3. If you select the “Save my AvaTax activity to a file on my computer” option to activate, the Clear Log Files button appears.
  4. (Optional) If you want to clear the saved AvaTax activities, click the Clear Log Files button.
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