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Install Avalara Connector for QuickBooks Desktop

This article applies to:AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop

Download and install Connector for QuickBooks Desktop. 

Before you begin

  • Before you install Connector for QuickBooks Desktop, install any Windows operating system updates. 
  • Make sure everyone who uses QuickBooks Desktop is logged out, including you.


  1. In Avalara, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. On the Manage tab, on the tile for Connector for QuickBooks Desktop, select See Connector Versions and then select Download next to the latest version.
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file you downloaded from Avalara.
  4. Run the .exe file to begin the installation wizard.
  5. Follow the prompts to install Connector for QuickBooks Desktop and then select Finish when the installation is done. 
  6. Install the Connector software on each workstation you want to connect to AvaTax.

    Tip icon

    If you're connecting many workstations, we recommend installing and connecting to AvaTax on each workstation before moving to the next one.

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