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Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop Release Notes Archive

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AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop (2017 releases)

June 5, 2017



  • Added the Use tax debit GL account option for non-inventory items
  • You can now import the settings of any QuickBooks Desktop company file to the current QuickBooks Desktop company file
  • Added the Enabled for AvaTax CUT field in Vendor Details. If the vendor is enabled for use tax assessment, this field displays Yes.
  • For calculating consumer use tax, you can now:
    • Use the vendor bill location
    • Have vendor bill and state references in GL Entry
  • You can now print a permissions report for all AvaTax integration points and their statuses


  • Improved the user interface for Setup Wizard and Preferences
  • The Setup Wizard now displays the progress while assigning AvaTax tax item to items


  • Fixed the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error that occurred while voiding or adjusting an invoice 
  • Fixed the "ATS-291: Index was out of range" error that occurred when the line index was either non-negative or less than the size of the collection
  • Fixed QuickBooks Desktop status code 3340 and 3175 errors 
  • Fixed the "There is an error in XML document (2,2)" error that occurred while calculating consumer use tax for a vendor bill
  • Fixed the error that occurred while recalculating sales tax for transactions that appeared in the error list
  • Fixed the issue where an incorrect address was passed for Enter bills
  • Fixed the issue where transactions couldn't be added to the error list in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Fixed the issue where notifications were sent in multi-user environment while accessing preferences
  • Fixed the issue where the sales tax was calculated several times for a transaction
  • Fixed the issue where the address batch validation utility didn't validate the customer's ship-to addresses
  • Fixed the issue where the AvalaraEventCallback.dll stopped working while recalculating sales tax for all the transactions in the error list
  • Fixed the issue that occurred if the LastDocID was used instead of the LastDocCode during reconciliation
  • Fixed the following issues in the reconciliation utility:
    • The utility didn't reopen if it was closed while reconciling
    • The utility stopped while reconciling invoices  

February 28, 2017


  • Added Include Job Name with Customer Name option in the Tax Calculation tab in AvaTax Configuration. If this option is enabled, then the combination of customer name and job name is sent as the customer code from QuickBooks Desktop to AvaTax. If this option is disabled, then only the customer name is sent as the customer code from QuickBooks Desktop to AvaTax.
  • You can now search for a customer in AvaTax
  • The customer is automatically selected if you open AvaTax from the Customer Details window
  • You no longer have to click OK for confirming calculation sales tax on your transaction if the Always Display Tax Details option isn't enabled
  • Fixed the "Error has occurred [CB-241] Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'FormSmallNotice'." error that occurred while validating an address
  • Fixed the following issues that occurred while using the Reconciliation utility:
    • Total Amount Mismatch error
    • Error while creating pending transactions file
    • Error while writing transaction to pending transactions file. The pending transaction file is corrupted
    • Missing in QuickBooks error
  • Fixed the issue where the company name was included in the error list filename. It's recommended to use ErrorList.XML as the filename for the error list.
  • Fixed the issue where the company name was included in the tax rule filename. It's recommended to use TaxRule.XML as the filename for the tax rule.
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect item tax code was sent for the discount line item from QuickBooks Desktop to AvaTax
  • Fixed the access level issues that occurred while changing AvaTax Configuration
  • Fixed the issue where another instance of AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop integration was displayed after you upgrade AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Fixed the issue where the GL entry for a transaction wasn't removed after it was deleted from Enter Bill

AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop (2016 releases)

December 15, 2016


  • Revised Setup Assistant
  • The Purchase Bill's Billable option and the inventory site address are now considered during tax calculation
  • The Purchase Bill's Reference Number is no longer required
  • The tax agency for all sales tax items created by AvaTax now defaults to Avalara
  • You can now select all transactions listed in the Reconcile Tax utility
  • Removed the Ignore multiple events during Send Forms option from the Tax Calculation tab in AvaTaxConfiguration
  • Fixed the error that occurred while closing a company file
  • Fixed the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error that occurred while generating the Tax History Details report
  • Fixed the error that occurred while saving invoices with non-inventory items in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Fixed the following errors:
    • CB-231 session error
    • "EventCallbackLib: Exception from HRESULT:0x80040303" error
    • "Could not read data from Quickbooks {CB-1281}" error
    • ATS-291 error that occurred:
      • When there were special characters in the Item name
      • While creating a credit memo
      • When the company file was open while reconciling within QuickBooks Desktop
    • "AvalaraEventCallBack.exe has stopped working" error, which occurred while using the Reconcile Tax utility
    • "Tax calculation is aborted because there are no line items for this transaction" error, which occurred while closing the transaction when both QuickBooks Desktop and AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop tried to show messages simultaneously
    • "There are currently no records in the error list" error, which occurred when the Push to Pending Transaction List button in the Reconcile Tax utility was clicked
  • Fixed the issue with pop up messages 
  • Fixed issues with the Company Data File
  • Fixed issues with the Configuration Settings 
  • Fixed the issue that caused a company not to be automatically selected in Configuration Settings when it was selected in the Setup Assistant
  • Fixed the issue that caused voided transactions in QuickBooks Desktop not to be marked Void in AvaTax
  • Fixed the issue that caused company selection details not to be retained after the user logged out
  • Fixed the issue that prevented QuickBooks Desktop from shutting down because AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop was using the company file
  • Fixed the issue that caused lines to be missing from a transaction
  • In View Pending transactions, fixed the following issues:
    • The window always stayed open in the background
    • An incomplete list was displayed

October 14, 2016


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

September 30, 2016


  • Displays the base currency for the use tax accrued amount
  • Fixed the issue with the Verify Company Code button in the Setup Assistant. Once the company is created, click the Verify Company Code button.
  • Fixed the Create Company button error in the Setup Assistant
  • Fixed the help links on the About AvaTax tab in Configuration
  • Fixed the errors in the Customer Tax Item Update Utility
  • Fixed the error messages displayed while creating credit memos
  • Fixed the issue when the AvaTax-BILLTO tax item was used for a document and the Ship To address was left blank, the company address was sent to AvaTax

June 15, 2016


  • Automatic selection of the following required basic configurations in the Tax Calculation tab for new installations.  Upgrades will not notice this change as it is already configured.
    • Enable Entitity / Use Code
    • Tax Calculation Date 
    • Tax Amount Adjustment 
    • Ignore Multiple events during Send Forms
  • Changed link from AvaTax Dashboard to AvaTax Production Dashboard
  • The Customer Type dropdown in the Customer & Vendor Profile List window now displays the list of exemption reasons
  • Fixed the issue where the Optional Field Setting details, in AvaTax Configurations > General tab, were not sent to the 3rd Party inventory tool integrated with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Revised address validation messages in the Avalara Setup Assistant
  • Fixed the issue where the tax code for Sales Tax Only Adjustment was sent as NT instead of blank
  • Fixed the issue where sales tax was not calculated for outstanding billable item invoices
  • Fixed the issue where the status of voided invoices did not reflect in AvaTax. This issue was noticed for invoices where sales tax was calculated manually and automatic sales tax calculation was disabled
  • Fixed the "Error code: 1" error displayed when Click here to launch the AvaTax Tax Profile Assistant link in Setup Assistant was clicked. This error was generated when there was no data present in QuickBooks Desktop. 

April 29, 2016


  • Changed the button Push to error List to Push to Pending Transaction List in File > AvaTax > Reconcile Tax
  • Menu item View Unresolved Sales Tax Errors is now View Pending Transactions
  • Added Remove All button in View Pending Transactions window. Click this button to remove all pending transactions awaiting recalculation of sales tax 
  • Fixed the issue where the sales tax wasn't calculated for invoices listed in View Pending Transactions. This issue was noted only for Invoice # with special characters   
  • Fixed the issue where the certificate management functionality wasn't working as expected for customers with pre-defined job
  • Fixed an issue with the validationHoverTT.png of South Korean addresses

March 15, 2016


February 15, 2016


  • Fixed the error generated when the Send Item Account to AvaTax option in AvaTax Configuration was enabled
  • Fixed the issue during reconciliation of transactions when the transactions were selected based on the date range 
  • Fixed the "Error reading QuickBooks Data" error displayed while calculating sales tax
  • Fixed the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" errors generated during various operations

AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop (2015 releases)

December 30, 2015


  • A self-provisioning feature lets new users create an AvaTax account and company with trial plan of 30 days without any assistance. In the Avalara Setup Assistant page, click Sign up
  • AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop now sends the currency code and the BIN in the transaction details 
  • Fixed the error displayed when the configuration was manually set without using the Setup Assistant
  • Fixed the issue where the company code was not saved if it contained "-"

September 30, 2015


  • You can now use a hyphen, i.e. "-", in the invoice number
  • Fixed the address validation issue when AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop updated the QuickBooks Desktop address after the sales tax calculation. Now, if the address validation option is disabled, the QuickBooks Desktop address is not updated after the sales tax calculation
  • Fixed the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error that appeared during tax reconciliation

June 16, 2015


  • Fixed the issue of duplicate invoices in AvaTax. A transaction deleted in QuickBooks Desktop will now also be deleted from AvaTax.
  • Fixed the 'ATS-276' error displayed while calculating tax on group type as expense
  • Fixed the issue where sub-total lines are passed as a line item to AvaTax
  • Fixed the issue where the default ship-to address was passed instead of the selected ship-to address
  • You can now identify the pre-AvaTax transactions from the list of unresolved errors based on the document date
  • Fixed the error that appeared if the Sync and View unresolved tax error window was closed without using the Close button.

April 21, 2015


  • Under the Tax Reconciliation utility, click the Push to Error List button to send invoices/sales receipts/credit memos with the status of Total Tax Mismatched to the error list

April 16, 2015


  • Customer-specific release and not for general use
  • Added item description length limitation. For an item description, you can now send only the first 50 characters. The rest of the description is truncated

February 11, 2015


  • Discount details are now treated as separate line items
  • Fixed “No nexus” error in installation wizard caused by missing legal address for the company in QuickBooks Desktop

AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop (2014 releases)

September 30, 2014


  • Accelerated tax calculations by almost 40%
  • Removed an unnecessary message when you disable automatic tax calculation and save a document
  • Enabled tax calculation based on the warehouse address if you select Pickup as the shipping method

June 16, 2014


  • Now it's installed in a folder based on your QuickBooks Desktop file name. This change prevents problems that AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop users encountered before when they tried to change their company name or copied and archived their file at the end of a fiscal year.
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