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Create a credit memo with a partial refund

This article applies to:Connector for Magento 2 for Tobacco

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Connector for Magento 2 for Tobacco is currently in a closed beta for a limited number of marketplaces and will be available later this year.


Ron had purchased few items and now wants to return a part of them because they were defective. He has requested for a partial refund. Ben now has to issue a credit memo with the updated quantity.

To create a credit memo with updated order quantity


  1. On the order details page, under Order View, select Information.

  2. Select Credit Memo.

  3. In the Qty to Refund column, update the refund quantity.

  4. Select Update Qty’s.

  5. Select Refund Offline.
    This creates a credit memo.

On the memo details page, you can view the updated tax break up.

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