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Calculate tax while creating an order in the Magento 2 console

This article applies to:Connector for Magento 2 for Tobacco

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Connector for Magento 2 for Tobacco is currently in a closed beta for a limited number of marketplaces and will be available later this year.

Follow the steps to calculate the tax while you create an order in the Magento 2 console:


  1. In Magento 2, go to CUSTOMERS > All Customers, and then edit a customer.
  2. On the customer details page, in the left pane, select Orders
  3. Select Create Order.
  4. To add a product, select one of the following: Add Products By SKU or Add Products.
  5. Add address details, and then select Validate Address.
  6. Under Shipping Method, select Get shipping methods and rates.
  7. Select a shipping method.
    Under Order Details, you will see the estimated tax calculated and returned by Magento 2 for Tobacco.

Once you submit the invoices, the transaction is recorded in the AvaTax Excise and AvaTax.

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