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Calculate excise tax for an item and view the tax break up

This article applies to:Connector for Magento 2 for Tobacco

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Connector for Magento 2 for Tobacco is currently in a closed beta for a limited number of marketplaces and will be available later this year.


Ben owns an eCommerce store where he sells tobacco vape products, as well as non-excise items like t-shirts, hats, and stickers. He wants to ensure that the correct excise tax amount is collected with other charges. 

To calculate excise tax for an item


  1. Add an item to the cart in the storefront and then select Add to Cart.

  2. On the Shopping Cart page, select a shipping method and then select Proceed to Checkout.
    Ben can see the estimated tax calculated for the item under the Summary section.

  3. On the Shipping Address page, select a shipping address and then select Next.

  4. On the Verify your Address page, confirm your shipping address.

  5. On the Payment Method page, select Place Order.

The order is placed from the storefront. To view the order details including tax break up and other charges, see To view the tax break up and other charges.

To view the tax breakup and other charges


  1. In the Magento 2 console, go to Sales > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, you can verify the taxes that are applicable to the product. 
    Ben can see the tax and charges collected under the Sales Tax, Excise Tax, and Shipping Tax columns.

  3. Select View to see the order details.

  4. On the order details page, under the Order Totals section, expand Tax to view the tax break up.
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