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Set up seller information

This article applies to:AvaTax

Set up your company information as a seller or Magento store owner. Choose your taxation policy and provide other tax-related information so that sales tax is calculated accurately during transactions.

Before you begin

Your company location is available with you.
You can find your company location in the External Identifier field under basic information at Settings > Headquarters and Branches in the AvaTax Brazil portal.


  1. Sign in to the Magento admin console.
  2. Go to Stores > Configuration.
  3. From the Configuration page, go to Sales > Tax.
  4. Under Merchant Settings, enter your Company Location.
  5. Select your Taxation Policy from the following options:  
    • Net: The listed catalog price is EXCLUSIVE of the included taxes. Included taxes add up in the order subtotal and applicable taxes are added or subtracted during order checkout.
    • Gross: The listed catalog price is INCLUSIVE of the included taxes. Applicable taxes are added or subtracted during order checkout.
      This is a one-time configuration. After you’ve configured the taxation policy, you cannot change it later.
  6. Select your Activity Sector from the given options.
    Your activity sector value impacts tax calculation during transactions. The default value is Industry.
  7. Choose whether you’re an ICMS Tax Payer.
    The default value is Yes.
  8. Select your Tax Regime.
    Your tax regime selection impacts tax calculation. The default value is Real Profit.
  9. Select your Entity type.
    Your entity type selection impacts tax calculation. The default value is Business.
  10. Enter your State Tax Id, if available, and select Save Config.



    The default shipping address of the seller is taken from the Zip/Postal Code field. This is a Magento field that is configured at Stores > Configuration > Shipping Settings > Origin

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