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Install the sandbox application of Avalara AvaTax

This article applies to:Connector for BigCommerce

Avalara's sandbox environment lets you test the AvaTax functionalities before you purchase the connector and anytime later before you work on the production environment.


  1. Browse the following link on a supported web browser:
  2. Log in to BigCommerce using your BigCommerce credentials.
  3. Choose your account and the associated store, and then select Continue.


    On successful login, the Avalara AvaTax Sandbox app is displayed under Apps.
  4. Select Install to install the app.

  5. On the access permission page, select Confirm to proceed with the installation.

    Note: By selecting Confirm you allow Avalara AvaTax Sandbox the access to basic information about your store.


    The Avalara's sign-in page is displayed.
  6. Sign in with your Avalara's sandbox credentials. (Contact your customer account manager if you do not have it already.)

  7. Select a company to which you want to map all transactions for Avalara UAT, and then select Save.


    Note: The company selection dialog is displayed only if you have more than one company associated with the Avalara account you have used.
  8. To enable tax calculation, on the BigCommerce's navigation pane, select Store Setup > Tax.
  9. On the Tax page, under Configured tax services, select the Enable button next to Avalara UAT.

  10. Select OK to set Avalara as the active tax service provider for you.



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