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Resolve transaction errors due to undisclosed addresses in Amazon

Amazon lets your customers choose not to disclose their addresses to you. Because tax is calculated based on addresses, transactions with undisclosed addresses have errors when the extractor imports them into Avalara.

Signs that an undisclosed address is causing an error include:

  • Transactions imported by Extractor for Amazon that have this error display a ship-to address of "CONFIDENTIAL" when you look at the transaction details page. Because a transaction can have more than one error, but only one error displays at a time, this ship-to address is your most reliable indication that the transaction has this error.
  • The error description on the transaction details page may display "The customer chose not to disclose their address. Find the address on your marketplace, manually update this transaction, and resubmit."
  • On the Transaction Repair page, the error description for the transaction may display "The customer chose not to disclose their address. Open the transaction to update."

Fix the error by getting the address from Amazon and editing the transaction in Avalara.


  1. In Avalara, on the Transaction Repair page, select Details next to the transaction with the error, and then note the Reference Code on the transaction.
    The reference code of the transaction in Avalara is the same as its order ID in Amazon.
  2. In Amazon Seller Central, open the Sales Tax report, use the reference code (the order ID) to find the transaction, and note the necessary address information from it:
    • Ship-to city
    • Ship-to state
    • Ship-to postal code
  3. In Avalara, open the transaction with errors, select Edit document details, and update the ship-to address with the details from Amazon.
    You might need to select Use header level addresses to display the Ship to section.
  4. Select Save document detail and then select Resubmit.
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