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Resolve Transaction Errors

This article applies to:Connector for Workday

The Avalara Error Recovery utility lets you resolve errors in transactions. After the utility runs successfully, you can fix the errors and re-submit transactions to AvaTax.


  1. In the search bar, type Launch and then select the Launch / Schedule Integration link.
  2. On the Launch / Schedule Integration page, type Avalara and select the Avalara Error Recovery link.
  3. Click OK to run the Avalara Error Recovery utility.
  4. On the Schedule an Integration page, under Integration Criteria, select launch parameters criteria.
    1. Process Mode: 
      • Report & Attempt ReCalc: It reports the transactions and attempts to recalculate the tax on the failed transaction. The output generates the following three sections:
        • The following invoices are successful on recalculation of sales tax and have been auto-approved.
        • The following invoices are successful on recalculation of sales tax but cannot be auto-approved.
        • The following invoices are unsuccessful on recalculation of sales tax.
      • Report Only: It reports transactions which are in error state.
    2. Start Date: Select the invoice Start Date.
    3. End Date: Select the invoice End Date.
    4. Invoice Type: Select the Invoice Type as Customer_Invoice or Supplier_Invoice.
  5. Click OK to redirect on the View Background Process.
  6. Click on the Refresh button to change the Status from Processing to Completed.
  7. Click on the Output Files option and under the Reports and Other Output Files you can view the Avalara Error Recovery report in .txt format.
  8. Click on the CustInvoiceErrors.txt link and download the file to view the generated Avalara Error Recovery report.
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