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Process Uncommitted Invoices

This article applies to:Connector for Workday

Avalara Posting utility lets you process the uncommitted invoices/transactions and post them to AvaTax with a committed status.


  1. In the search bar, type launch and then select the Launch / Schedule Integration link.
  2. On the Launch / Schedule Integration page, type Avalara Posting and then select the Avalara Posting Invoices from the pop-up list.
  3. Click OK to run the Avalara Posting utility.
  4. On the Schedule an Integration page, enter the required details.
    Attributes Actions
    Company Select the preferred company.
    FromDate Select the start date for a date range.
    ToDate Select the end date for a date range.
    InvoiceType Select the InvoiceType as Customer or Supplier.
    Customer Select the preferred/specific customer. It is an optional field.
    Supplier Select the preferred/specific supplier. It is an optional field.
  5. Click OK to redirect to the View Background Process page.
  6. Click on the Refresh button to change the Status from Processing to Completed.
  7. Click the Messages option to view the Process Messages of the Avalara Posting Invoices.
  8. Click the Output Files, and under Reports and Other Output Files you can view the Avalara Posting Invoices report as PostErrors.txt and SuccesssfullPostResult.txt.
    1. PostErrors.txt: This file consists of the list of invoices which are not posted to AvaTax when the Avalara Posting Invoices utility is executed.
    2. SuccessfullPostResult.txt: This file consists of the list of invoice numbers which are successfully posted to AvaTax.
  9. Click the PostErros.txt and SuccessfullPostResult.txt links and download the file to view the generated Avalara Posting Invoices report.

Note: The Avalara Posting utility considers only those invoices which are already approved in Workday.

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