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Enable Tax Code Support for Customer Invoice

This article applies to:Connector for Workday

To have tax code support for customer invoice, you must map attribute under Tax Code for customer invoice on Avalara Configuration.

You can map tax code to one of the below selections:

  • RevenueCategory
  • SalesItemGroup
  • SalesItemIdentifier
  • SalesItemIdentifier-Worktag


  1. Type intsys: avalara on the search bar and select Avalara Configuration.
  2. On the Avalara Configuration page, navigate to Actions > Integration System > Configure Integration Attributes to edit the Avalara Configuration settings.
  3. On the Configure Integration Attributes for Integration System page, in the Integration Attributes table's Attribute Provider column, locate Avalara_Customer_Invoice_Configuration
  4. Map the customer Tax Code to any of the respective attribute value.

  5. Click OK to save the Avalara Configuration settings.
  6. Create customer invoice and select sales item and submit it.
  7. If the Tax Code is mapped to sales item identifier, the selected product’s mapped sales item identifier will get passed as TaxCode in AvaTax.


  • If TaxCode is mapped to RevenueCategory, the respective sales item revenue category ID should get passed as TaxCode in AvaTax.
  • If TaxCode is mapped to SalesItemGroup on the Avalara Configuration page, the respective sales item’s mapped item group’s reference should get passed as TaxCode in AvaTax.
  • If TaxCode is mapped to SalesItemIdentifier-Worktag, the item which is being selected while creating invoice, combination of mapped worktag’s reference ID and sales item identifier should get passed as TaxCode in AvaTax.
  • If a respective taxcode is not created in AvaTax, P0000000 will by default get passed as a TaxCode.
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