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Create a Tax Structure

This article applies to:Connector for Workday

The Create Avalara Tax Structure utility lets you break up tax per State, County, and City.

Note: With Workday 3.0 and higher versions, you need to execute the Tax Structure utility once so that all the Avalara Tax entities get created for the specified country in your user account.


  1. In the search bar, type intsys:ava and then press Enter.
  2. The Search Results page displays the list of Avalara utilities.
  3. Select Create Avalara Tax Structure from the list.
  4. On the View Integration System page, click Actions and then navigate to Integration Launch/Schedule.
  5. On the Launch / Schedule Integration dialog, select values for Integration and Run Frequency, and then click OK.
  6. On the Schedule an Integration page, enter the required details.

    Note: The Create Tax Structure for Overcharge and Undercharge attribute creates tax rate for the undercharge and overcharge support. This is an optional field. The undercharge and overcharge feature is supported only for United States; hence, this option will work only if you select United States of America as a launch parameter in the Country field.
  7. Click OK to run the Create Avalara Tax Structure utility.
  8. On the View Background Process page, click the Refresh button to change the status from Progressing to Completed.
  9. Click Messages, to view the Process Messages.
  10. In the Message column, you will find the generated response.
  11. Click the message to view the detailed response.
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