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AvaTax settings for Salesforce CPQ

This article applies to:AvaTax for Salesforce CPQ

AvaTax for Salesforce CPQ works with the suggested default settings. But you can adjust them any time based on your company's business needs.


  1. In Salesforce CPQ, select Setup.
  2. Under Home, search for and select Installed Packages.
    SF-Setup Search.png
  3. On the Installed Packages page, select Configure next to the AvaTax for Salesforce CPQ package.
    The AvaTax for Salesforce CPQ page opens and the Account Credentials tab is selected.
  4. On the Advanced Settings tab, review the following and make changes where needed.
    • Save Transactions To AvaTax: Post order transactions to AvaTax.
    • Enable Tax Calculation: Use AvaTax to calculate tax.
    • Enable Address Validation: Use AvaTax to validate addresses.
    • Disable AvaTax Triggers: This pauses communication between Salesforce CPQ and AvaTax.
    • Enable AvaTax Exemptions: Use Exemptions or CertCapture from within Salesforce CPQ.

      A warning icon

      When this is enabled, after you add a customer record to Exemptions or CertCapture:

      • The Avalara-generated customer ID overwrites anything in the AvaTax Exemption Customer ID field.
      • Avalara uses the value in AvaTax Exemption Customer ID as the customer code even if you previously selected another field to use as customer code.
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