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Nov 4 2011 Release Guide: Sage Sales Tax for Sage 300 ERP 6.0A Powered by Avalara AvaTax


Product Release Information


Sage Accpac Sales Tax, Powered by AvaTax

Release Number:

Release Date:

04-11-2011 (DD-MM-YYYY)

Customer Support:

For more information or support, please visit or email at


This document contains the release notes for Sage Accpac Sales Tax, Powered by AvaTax  for Sage Accpac ERP version 6.0A. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.


What's New?                  


 Functional Enhancements


  • Ticket #18452:- AvaTax Certs Phase 3: Create Accpac "stand-alone" connector for AvaTax Certs Service
  • Ticket #20014: -  Add Item Group Tax Code mapping functionality



Installation and Upgrade Notes




All users must Log off from Sage Accpac ERP before deploying this release.

There is two level of installation.

              1.   After setup installation, a new folder is created ‘C:\Program Files\Avalara\ Avalara Accpac Connector\’

2.   Following files are created at the specific locations

a.   11 files in the path C:\Program Files\Avalara\AvaTax Connect Adapter\Bin\

b.   TV60A folder is copied to the Sage Accpac ERP application directory (as mentioned in the system registry)

c.   TV60AENG.chm file is copied to the help folder of Sage Accpac folder (as mentioned in the system registry) 



 Before installation of this release, if any previous version of Sage Accpac Connector already installed needs to be uninstall.




This release consists of the following items:


·        Release notes (this file)

·        Executable setup file – ‘Sage Accpac Sales Tax Powered by AvaTax Version’


Version Compatibility


This version is compatible with


·        All Sage Accpac 6.0A Editions (Required Modules: SM, GL, AR, IC, and OE)


  • Database: MS SQL 2005– supported and tested, MS SQL 2008 - supported, Pervasive PSQL version 10.3 – supported



Minimum System Requirements


System Processor:

Server: Intel duo-core/quad-core processor or higher, Client: Intel Core 2 Duo

System Memory:

Server : 4 GB RAM , Client: 2 GB

Free Disk Space:

Server: 5 GB, Client: 100 MB

Operating System:

Server: Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Client: Windows XP(SP3),


x86/x64 Windows Vista (Supported)


Internet access

Existing Software:

Microsoft’s .NET framework 2.0 (If not present the Installer will install the .NET framework 2.0 from web)







Known Issues and Workarounds ( If any)

·        Ticket #15229 - Invalid DocCode passes to request in case of ARInvoice after firing GetTax only.

·        Ticket #15270 - Reconciliation - Instead of TaxBase amount it requires to do Reconciliation on the basis of Total amount of Dash Board.

·        Ticket:  3341- Log file Generation fails when two different UI's are active at a time

·        Ticket:  4580 - Partial Shipments Issue on Order Entry UI

·        Ticket:  5948 - SP1 - Tab Indexing On Avatax Options UI

·        Ticket:  5587 - Document gets posted at ERP even if any errors thrown from AvaTax during commit call (for Already existing Transactions at AvaTax Server)

·        Ticket:  6399 - Multi User access to be restricted for Reconciliation UI


Others -

·        Currently, help file linking with all UIs is done, but “UI/Content based help” needs to handle on each UI.

·        On AvaTax Options screen, if changes are made, while other connector UIs are open; then it is not throwing any error message or restricting saving event.

·        In AR Integration, AR Retainage/PJC/OE/Misc. Receipt related Tax calculations – Currently out of scope.