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Map an item or category to an Avalara tax code in Sage 300

This article applies to:Connector for Sage 300

Map the items you sell to Avalara tax codes so we can further refine the sales tax rate we calculate for your customers. If you don't map items, all products and services are taxed at the standard rate for each jurisdiction. Examples of products with varying tax rates include clothing, food, software, medical supplies, software subscriptions, and freight.


  1. In Sage 300, go to Sage Sales Tax Powered by AvaTax > AvaTax Setup.
  2. Click AvaTax Item Tax Code Mapping.
    The AvaTax Item Tax Code Mapping window opens. 
  3. Choose to map an item or a category of items to an Avalara tax code.
    Next to Type, select:
    1. A/R Item for an accounts receivable item
    2. I/C Item for an inventory control item
    3. Category for an item category
  4. Use the back and forth arrows next to Item or Category code to select the item or category you want to map to an Avalara tax code, or use the magnifying glass to select from a list.
  5. Next to AvaTax Tax Code, type an Avalara tax code.
  6. Click Add to finish.

    If you already mapped an item or category to a tax code, by default the "Add" button says "Save" instead and the Delete button becomes active.

    • Click Save to change the mapping to a new Avalara tax code
    • Click Delete to remove the association altogether
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