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Create and print reports in QuickBooks Desktop

Create and print reports that tell you about your AvaTax integration for QuickBooks Desktop.


  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, go to File > AvaTax > Utilities.
  2. Under General, select AvaTax Reports.
  3. Select the kind of report you want to create:
    • Configuration
      View a report that shows how AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop is configured.
    • Freight Code
      View a report that shows available freight codes.
    • Customer Tax Item
      View a report that shows your customers and the tax items (tax jurisdiction or method) and entity use codes assigned to them.
    • Item Tax Code Mapping
      View a report that shows the items you've mapped to tax codes.
    • Tax History Details
      View a report that shows the tax details for any or all transactions. Use the filters to select the transactions you want to include in the report.
      • Next to Date Range, select a date range for the transactions you want to view. 
      • Next to Document Type, select either Sales Invoice or Credit Memos to generate a report that only includes only those kinds of transactions.
  4. Select Generate Report.
  5. Print the report as needed.