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Validate addresses in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article applies to:AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP

AvaTax address validation is a feature that verifies, corrects, and formats addresses according to the USPS database. At this time, AvaTax only validates addresses in the United States and Canada. Validating addresses may incur additional usage fees.

Here are some of the most common addresses AvaTax validates:

  • Your company's address - When you validate your company's address, you ensure that the origin address used on most invoices is accurate for tax calculation
  • Your customers' addresses - When you validate your customers' addresses, you ensure that the ship-to address used on invoices is accurate for tax calculation
  • Your vendors' addresses - When you validate your vendors' addresses, you ensure that: 
    • Addresses used in consumer use transactions are accurate for tax calculation
    • AvaTax verifies VAT calculation is correct for the address you provide (where applicable)

Depending on your business application, there are other types of addresses that AvaTax validates. We recommend validating all addresses for accurate tax calculation.

Validate addresses in several different ways:

  • Validate many addresses at once - Most business application that integrates with AvaTax includes a utility that allows you to validate many or all of your addresses at once. We recommended this method for validating addresses.
  • Validate a single address - If you only have a few addresses to validate, or if you're adding a new address and have already validated the others in your system, use your business application to validate the address or validate the address in AvaTax.
  • Validate addresses during tax calculation - Validate addresses on every transaction sent to AvaTax. This is generally a setting in your business application. Avalara doesn't recommend validating during tax calculation because this could increase your usage fees significantly.

To validate addresses, make sure address validation options are enabled when you configure AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Validate an address

  1. To validate an address:
    • On a customer card - On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, click either Customer Maintenance or Customer Address Maintenance and open a customer card.
    • On a vendor card - On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, click either Vendor Maintenance or Vendor Address Maintenance and open a vendor card.
    • Site address - On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, click Site Maintenance and open a site record.
    • Company address - On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, click Company Setup and open a company record.
  2. Go to Additional > AvaTax Address Validation. The Address Validation window displays both the original and validated address.
  3. Review the address, and then:
    • Click Validate to validate the original address.
    • Click Accept to accept the validated address.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the validation.

Validate a batch of addresses

To validate many addresses at once:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Utilities > Avalara AvaTax > Update, and then click Address Validation Batch Utility.
  2. In the Select Options dialog box, next to Content Type, select the type of address you want to run the utility on.
  3. Next to Customer ID from and Customer ID to, click the Search icon.
  4. In the Customers and Prospects dialog box, select the range of addresses you want to validate.
  5. In the Select Options dialog box, next to Country, select the country in which you'd like to validate addresses you selected. If you select No Country Name, AvaTax validates addresses for which no country has been assigned to the record.
  6. Next to State From and State To:
    • To validate all addresses in the country you selected, don't select any states.
    • To validate only addresses in certain states, select a range of states.
    • To narrow your validation to a single state, set both fields to that state.
  7. Click Validate.
  8. In the report screen, select Valid/Validated Addresses, and then click Mark All.
  9. Click Accept.
  10. In the [Number] Address Validated and Accepted message, click OK.
  11. To see and update addresses that didn't validate, select Not Validated Addresses, and then click an address to open the record for editing.