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Assign customers to AvaTax in a batch in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

If you created customers without assigning them to AvaTax, update their sales tax group to make sure AvaTax is calculating sales tax for them. Use the Tax Group Code Mass Update utility to assign multiple customers to a tax group code at once.


  1. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, go to Avalara AvaTax > Utilities > Tax Group Code Mass Update.
  2. Select Customer for the customer/vendor.
  3. From Sales Tax Group, select the tax group with which to associate the customers.
    • Select AVATAX to set the origin address to be either your company address or the warehouse address. If you select this option, the service determines whether the sourcing is from the destination or the origin address.
    • Select AVATAX-POD to set the tax calculation based on the destination address.
    • Select AVATAX-POS to set the tax calculation is based on the origin address
  4. Select the Range field and then choose Select.
    The Inquiry page opens.
  5. On the Range tab, select the down arrow under Criteria, select the first customer in the range, and then enter 2 periods (..).
  6. Select the down arrow again, select the last customer in the range, and then select OK.
  7. Select OK to run the utility.

When the utility finishes assigning your customers to AvaTax, the "Customer Tax Group Code Update Completed" message displays.