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Switch to offline mode automatically when the AvaTax service is unavailable

Content Generation for POS gives you the up-to-date data that you need to keep sales moving and customers happy, even if you’re offline. Service unavailability may disrupt the ongoing transactions and business. Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce ensures that your transactions at the Point of Sale (POS) continue without interruption. 

After you enable the setting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce(HQ), the tax calculation at POS is performed using the local tax rates automatically thus ensuring that you get the right tax charges even in offline mode.


  1. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce (HQ).
  2. In the left pane, under Modules, select Avalara AvaTax.
  3. Expand Setup and then select Setup the AvaTax connector.
  4. On the Set up the AvaTax connector page, select Retail Settings.
  5. On the Retail Settings page, under General Settings, turn on the Enable Auto Switch option.
  6. Under the Fetch Tax Rates and Item Tax Codes section, perform the following:  
    • Select Location to store mapping, assign location codes to their associated Store number, and then click Save.
    • Run Fetch tax rates to get tax rates and then run AVA-0001 job to send data to MPOS/POS. 
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