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Search for documents in Document Central

This article applies to:AvaTax

Use Document Central to search for transactions, returns, and exemption certificates, all from one place. 

Before you begin

You can only search for documents that are included with your current AvaTax subscription.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Documents > Search documents.
  2. From the Search documents page, select the type of document you're searching for. The available document types depends on your AvaTax subscription.
    • Transactions:
      • Country and Region: The country or region of the transaction's ship-to address.
      • From and To date range: The reporting date of the transaction. This usually matches the invoice date from your business application.
      • Document statusThe transaction's reporting status
      • Document type: The type of invoice the transaction represents.
      • Customer/vendor code: The ID your business application uses to identify a customer or vendor. 
      • Document code: An ID for the transaction. This usually matches the invoice number assigned by your business application.
    • Exemption certificates:
      • Country and Region: The country and region where the customer is exempt from sales tax.
      • Certificate ID: A unique number found on a customer's exemption document.
      • Customer name: The customer's name as it appears on exemption documents.
      • Customer number:  A unique identification number. This code may match the customer code in your business application.
      • Exempt reasonCodes that exempt businesses from tax, based on the latest government laws. 
      • Effective date and Expiration date: The beginning and end of the exemption period. 
    • Returns:
      • Country and Region: The country or region where the return is filed.
      • Year: The calendar year when the return was filed.
      • Filing ending: The final month of the filing period.
      • Frequency: The return's filing frequency.
  3. Select Apply.

Results appear below the search criteria. Select a transaction, return, or exemption certificate to view its details. If you didn't receive any results, try adjusting your search criteria. 

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