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How can I create bundle files, exclusion files, or override files and apply them to my account?


You want to create a bundle, exclusion, or override file and apply it to your account in AvaTax for Communications.


Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (REST)


  1. In the Communications Customer Portal, select Apps > My Account to access the Downloads page for the account. Find a download called EZtax Manager Update. This is a desktop tool that supports creating bundle files, exclusion files and both Rate and Logic overrides.


  2. Contact to getting the license file for your account. The license file enables you to access the appropriate features from the Tools menu dropdown in EZTax Manager Update.
  3. After you create the files, submit a request to to apply the files to your account.

    • Attach the files you created to the request email.

    • Include instructions as to whether the files should be applied to the UA, PROD or both environments.

    • Once applied, the account will take up to 24 hours to refresh with the new changes.