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News Flash items describe upcoming product changes that could have an impact on your business.


A UPR is scheduled to be released the week of June 10, 2019, and provides updates for the 1906 release of Avalara for Communications. The UPR software downloads will be available on the Communications Customer Portal.  An email will be sent containing the updates once the UPR is released.


AvaTax for Communications Portal - Explorer Reporting will be available with the 5.30 release.  Explorer will only be available for REST customers.  Check back soon for more details!

SOAP customers - continue to submit your reporting requests through


Avalara for Communications documentation is now available online.  The PDF documents are no longer be available in the 1906.1 release (May 23, 2019).

See Avalara for Communications Documentation for more information.


The 1905 release of Geo for Communications is now available.  Jurisdiction updates are included in this release. For information about the changes in the upcoming release, see the Release Notes.

Geo for Communications  User Guides are now available online.


Version 5.29 of Communications Customer Portal and Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (REST) is now available.  For information about the changes in the 5.29 release, see the release notes.


The next release of Geo for Communications is scheduled for March 12, 2019. Jurisdiction updates will be made available at that time. For information about the changes in the upcoming release, see the Release Notes.


Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (SOAP) entering into maintenance mode

Effective March 1, 2019, Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (SOAP) will enter into software maintenance mode.  No new versions are planned after March 1, and the current version won't be enhanced.  Tax rates and tax logic updates will continue to be updated as normal. 

New functionality and updates will continue to be added to Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (REST) v2.


Unencrypted web traffic to SOAP Servers to be discontinued

Effective February 11, 2019, unencrypted web traffic to the Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (SOAP) servers will not be allowed. Existing, encrypted traffic will not be affected. 

In preparation for this event, make sure that your application is referencing the Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (SOAP) server endpoints that begin with https (not http).  Additionally, your development environment should use the https version of the WSDL.

Use these encrypted endpoints:


Possible updated release (UPR) files in January 2019

Avalara typically receives tax changes after the scheduled release in December that become effective on January 1.
In the event of late-breaking tax changes, Avalara will provide you with updated release (UPR) files. 


Support ending for WS binding for Avalara for Communications Pro SOAP

Beginning February 4, 2019, Avalara is no longer supporting the WS binding for AFC Pro SOAP because of security concerns around using the unencrypted HTTP protocol. This change will enable Avalara to provide quality support for common alternative bindings.