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Get Started with Avalara Returns for Communications

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To get started with Returns for Communications, you must complete an Avalara Returns for Communications - Onboarding document

  1. Download the Avalara Returns for Communications - Onboarding document. All information you provide will be used to assist us in the onboarding process. 
  2. Watch the video, which takes you through each section of the Onboarding Document. Fill out the downloaded document according to the directions in the video.

    You can find instructions for each tab in the video at these times:

    1s - General Instructions tab
    31s - Basic Customer Information tab
    2:15m - Basic Filing Information tab
    3:35m - Funding POA tab
    4:00m - Filing Calendar tab
    5:25m - Compliance Calendar tab and Next Steps

  3. Sign the Initial Funding Authorization. The Power of Attorney Form within the Avalara Onboarding Document allows Avalara for Communications to transfer money from your bank account to our Bank of America account in order to make the necessary payments associated with your tax returns.  The first funding request will be an estimate based upon the historical data that you provide to us, plus a 10% cushion.  This money will then be pulled from your account on the 5th business day and returns will be finalized and submitted.
  4. Download the Sample Data File Spreadsheet to enter your data.
  5. After documentation is complete, please email it to an Onboarding Analyst.
  6. Any future inquiries that you may have can be addressed during our initial Welcome Call. 


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