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Webinar description

This webinar covers basic reconciliation issues with the liability worksheet and how to resolve them.

Webinar dates

This webinar is no longer available. 

Webinar information

Audience:  New users of Returns who haven't filed yet or who have only been filing for a short time.

Objective: The goal of this webinar is to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve discrepancies between your accounting software and the liability worksheet. By the end of this webinar, you'll understand the difference between prepayments and prior payments. You''ll be able to identify current and prior period vendor discounts and rounding.


  • State Summary Line vs. Returns Detail Line
  • Liability worksheet vs. reports and transactions
  • Jurisdictional adjustments, payments, state credits, rounding, and tax administering adjustments
  • Current and prior period discounts
  • Tracking carry-over credits
  • Consumer use tax and reporting taxes on purchases

Post webinar resources

After attending this webinar, additional resources are available to you.