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Avalara Help Center

Avalara Online Training Help

Having problems with our online training? We've answered some of our frequently asked questions below.

Start times

All start times are listed for the Pacific Time Zone.

Cancel my registration

  1.  At the bottom of your registration confirmation email, click Cancel Your Registration.
  2. In the Are You Sure? dialog box, click Yes, Cancel Registration.

Add training to my calendar

  1. In the confirmation email, click Add to calendar.
  2. An iCalendar file downloads and launches your default email program. Save the calendar appointment.

Test my online connection

In the registration confirmation email there is a link to test your connection with our online training platform. You can also test your microphone and speaker setup prior to the start time.


Join a training

We recommend joining via your computer from either the registration confirmation email or one of the reminder emails, click Join. If you added the appointment to your calendar, click the GoToTraining link. If you are having computer audio problems, join by calling the phone number and entering the audio pin listed in the email

Access training materials

We provide training materials before and after each training session. These contain materials to prepare you for the training, a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, and links in case you have any follow-up questions. To access these materials, In the registration confirmation email, the reminder email, or the thank you email, click Review the Materials in the confirmation, reminder, or thank you email.

Test my audio

Use your microphone and speaker for audio. You'll have the best sound quality if you use a headset. You can also test your audio connection and settings.

  1. To test the audio connection, click Help, and then select Sound Check.
    Sound Check.png
  2. On the Speaker or Microphone tab, press Play button.
  3. To change the Microphone or Speaker selection, click Settings.
  4. If you are still experiencing audio issues, try calling in on your phone. The phone number is listed in the registration confirmation email.
    Sound Check2.PNG

View the trainer's screen

If you can't see the trainer's screen, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • If the training hasn't started yet because the organizer hasn't arrived, you will see the Waiting for Organizer window. The training will start once the organizer arrives.


  • If the training has started, but the organizer hasn't shared their screen, you will see Waiting to view Organizer's Name screen.


  • If the organizer says they are sharing their screen and you can't see it, exit the training and join it again. If you are still having problems, check system requirements.

Ask a question during the training

Send a chat to the organizer. In the Control Panel, type a question in the Chat panel to the Organizer.

More questions?

If you have a question:

  • Before the training, reply to the registration confirmation email to contact the organizer
  • After the training, refer to our resource page that is sent after the training
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