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Troubleshoot Etsy Data in TrustFile

This article applies to:TrustFile for Accountants

When troubleshooting, start by verifying that the data imported to TrustFile for Accountants from Etsy is accurate. Review these troubleshooting tips for reconciling Etsy data with the data in TrustFile for Accountants. For general data troubleshooting tips, see reconcile data and troubleshoot discrepancies.

Reconcile Etsy transactions in TrustFile for Accountants

When confirming that your orders from Etsy are accurately synced with TrustFile for Accountants, keep these details in mind.

  • In Etsy, orders are labeled as either Paid or Not Paid. Only Paid orders are synced to TrustFile for Accountants.
  • After you synchronize a Paid order to TrustFile for Accountants, if it's later refunded (changed to Not Paid in Etsy), a refund transaction is sent to TrustFile for Accountants.
  • The Order_date field in TrustFile for Accountants is the same as the Sale Date field in Etsy.
  • The Order_id field is the same in both TrustFile for Accountants and Etsy.
To confirm that the correct orders are synced from Etsy to TrustFile for Accountants for a particular filing period:
  1. Download a CSV of Paid orders in Etsy.
  2. Open the CSV and find the date range of the transactions you want to reconcile.
  3. In the appropriate TrustFile for Accountants company account, click Transactions.
  4. Click Advanced Filtering to filter for the date range of transactions you want to reconcile:
    • Select Etsy as the Source.
    • Type the date range in the From and To fields.
    • Click Filter.
  5. Compare the transactions list in TrustFile for Accountants to the Etsy CSV to ensure that all transactions were imported and that transaction dates and amounts are correct.

Verify filing calendar dates for transactions

In Etsy, the default time zone applied to transactions may differ from the time zone you've set for your TrustFile for Accountants account. These time zone differences may cause transactions completed on the first day of the month to be recorded as completed on the last day of the previous month. This places them in your prior filing period (e.g., transactions may appear as completed on the 30th of June instead of on the 1st of July).

Check, and if necessary edit, the dates for transactions that fall on the first day of the month in Etsy to make sure they're recorded in the correct filing period in TrustFile for Accountants.

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