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Transition from FloridaFile 2016 to TrustFile for Accountants for 2017

This article applies to:TrustFile for Accountants

This guide is intended to help you if you previously used a downloadable TrustFile product (FloridaFile or NewJerseyFile) to get started using the online version of TrustFile for Accountants in 2017.

The web based version of TrustFile for Accountants doesn’t support Solid Waste returns. File those online through Florida’s Department of Revenue website.

There are features in the online version of TrustFile for Accountants that may not be relevant to users who manually enter values into their Florida returns forms. For example, the online version of TrustFile for Accountants lets you to file in all 50 states by uploading transactional data from e-commerce sites like Amazon and Shopify. If you see functions like this on the site but they don’t apply to you, ignore them. Currently, the ability to file manually is only available for FloridaFile and NewJerseyFile customers, but in the future we plan to add all 50 states.

The links we provide on this page are to information for the entire TrustFile for Accountants product. We've linked to specific tasks you'll perform most frequently. Once you get the hang of things, access all this information through the primary TrustFile help site.

Add remittance account information and file a return

For security reasons, we didn't transfer your bank account information from the old version of the software. Before you file any returns, add the appropriate remittance account information.

Account maintenance

From time to time, you may need to make changes to your account. Here are a few common tasks you may need to carry out. For more instructions for using TrustFile for Accountants, see the primary TrustFile help site.

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