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Manually Enter Florida Return Values

This article applies to:TrustFile for Accountants

When your Florida returns are due, under State Settings, verify that the correct form is selected for Florida. 

  • Florida form DR-15 is for companies with a single location
  • Florida form DR-15CS is for companies with multiple locations filed on a single return

Fill out a Florida return

After you've reviewed your state settings, you're ready to fill out your return and file. Find instructions for filling out the DR-15 form on the Florida Department of Revenue's site.

  1. If you have multiple companies, click the company to go to that company's returns page.
  2. In the Florida state widget, click either Prepare or Enter Data. (If you fill out part of your return and come back to it later, these buttons change to File Now and View/Edit Return, respectively. Click View/Edit Return to continue filling out the return.)
  3. There are two ways to enter values for each line.
    • 1) Type values manually: If you're manually entering values, when you finish a line, click Next. (If you're filling out form DR-15CS, locations are listed on the left, and the one you're working on is in orange.)
    • 2) Upload the values from a spreadsheet: To upload values from a spreadsheet, click Import Data, enter the values in the template, and upload the file.

      Remember the following whether you enter values manually or upload the values in a spreadsheet:
      • If you need to file estimated tax (you paid more than $200,000 in taxes in the most recent state fiscal year), type that amount on lines 8 and 9. Because we're unable to transfer over your historical data, the software currently doesn't calculate this for you. Find instructions for how to calculate this on page 6 of the DR15 instructions.
      • Type your collection allowance on line 11. This should be 2.5% of your tax due, up to a maximum of $30. In a future update, this will calculate automatically.
      • If you owe surtax in your county, report this total on line 15d (include any sales that are exempt from surtax or charged at a different rate than your county’s in lines 15 a-c). Include surtax owed in your total tax due as well. For example, if you owe a 1% surtax, each time you calculate your tax due, it should be 7% of the taxable amount (Florida state’s 6% + 1% in surtax). Assuming none of your sales were exempt or at a different surtax rate, that 1% should also be reported in line 15d.
      • Be careful when rounding your tax due. TrustFile for Accountants won't file a return if there are rounding errors or other errors that prevent the return from balancing out.
  4. When you finish entering data for each line, click Save. (If you're filling out form DR-15CS, go through the same process for each location.)
  5. Once you save your return, a PDF copy displays. Click Print Return to download a printable copy. Click Adjust the form data to make changes. (If you're filling out form DR-15CS, click the name of a location to make changes.)
  6. To file and remit, click File Now. A dialog box displays with a summary of your return. If everything looks correct, click File & Remit.
  7. After you file, you receive two emails. The first is sent immediately and confirms that we have sent your return to the state. The second confirms that the state has received and accepted the return. Click Confirmation to save a copy of this transmission report.
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