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Add a Company

This article applies to:TrustFile for Accountants

Before you begin using TrustFile for Accountants, enter company information:

  1. On the Companies page, click Add a company.
  2. Provide the information requested, and then click Create.

To streamline the returns process, gather the following information about each company and have it ready when you're preparing to file for the first time (you only need to enter information once):

  • Log-in credentials for State Department of Revenue (DOR) or Board of Equalization (BOE)
  • State registration details
    • State registration number
    • Federal employee ID number (FEIN)
  • Remittance account information (information for the account from which funds will be deducted to pay sales tax liabilities)
    • Routing number
    • Checking account number

When you return to the Companies page, the company information is displayed. After you've entered transactions, that activity is summarized in a window on the page. Here's an example of a company with transaction data already entered:


Repeat the previous steps to add more companies. Manage the settings for a company from that company's dashboard.

Next steps

Now that you've added a company or two to TrustFile for Accountants, establish your default settings. To prepare and file returns, do the following:

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