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Why is the Florida DR15 form telling me the “amount due” cannot be negative?


You are trying to enter values in lines 6-10 of the Florida DR15 form, and it is showing an error that the “amount due” cannot be negative.




  • Florida will not allow you to file the return with a negative amount due, so TrustFile will not accept the return, to prevent filing issues.

  • The amount due is calculated by adding your total amount due for sales/services, taxable purchases, commercial rentals, and transient rentals, with estimated tax due (line 9), and subtracting your credits and estimated tax paid (line 8).

    • If the value in line 8 exceeds the total amount due from all of these other lines added together, then most customers typically change line 8 to equal that amount, and manually credit any remaining balance on their next tax return.

  • Full instructions on the form can be found on page 6 of the Department of Revenue’s DR15 instructions.