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Why am I getting an error that the numbers don't add up when I click File Now?


You are getting an error referring to specific line numbers, like: Line A4 + Line B4 + Line C4 + Line D4 + Line E4 is below the minimum tax amount of $92.00 ((Line A3 + Line B3 + Line C3 + Line D3 + Line E3) * 0.06 + 15d).




  • This error is telling you that something is mathematically wrong with what you've entered on your form. The number shown here is what the software is telling you your tax due should be, it is typically due to one of these three issues:
    • Not including surtax in tax due calculation:
      • Some folks will forget to include their surtax in their tax due calculations. You should calculate your tax due in each line at the total tax rate for you county (that is, 6% plus any surtax). In addition to that, you should report your surtax in line 15d. This doesn't add anything to your tax due. It's just for reporting purposes. 
    • Surtax in line 15d:
      • Even if you have included your surtax in your tax due calculations, you might have forgotten to enter your surtax in line 15d. If so, you'll get an error telling your surtax is incorrect, in addition to this error. Fixing the surtax in line 15d will fix both errors.
        • A3 (sales and services taxable amount) + B3 (taxable purchases taxable amount) +C4 (commercial rentals taxable amount) + D3 (Transient rentals taxable amount) equals the total amount due, which is line 7 on the DR-15 form.
        • Line 15d is your total surtax (anything above the 6% state tax). The software calculates the number in this error simply by multiplying your taxable amounts entered (A3+B3+C3+D3) by your total tax rate (6% plus your surtax), and adding what you've entered in line 15d.  If your numbers don't match, you'll get the error.
    • Rounding:
      • You might notice that the number the error gives you is just a penny or two off from what you've entered. This is usually a rounding error. Simply add or subtract a penny from one of the tax due boxes to make your number equal the number the error is showing (sales and services, commercial rentals, etc.). 
  • Please note that there are many variations on this error. Your situation may be a little different than what is outlined here.
    • We recommend looking carefully at the error to determine where its calculations are coming from.
    • Refer to the boxes and lines on the DR-15 form it references.
      • A4 for example, is Line (row) A, Box (column) 4.
    • You can also refer to the DOR's instructions when determining what may be wrong.