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How do I enter a discount on Amusement Machines using TrustFile?


The amusement tax rate for FL is a lower rate than 6%, but I get an error when I enter the gross amount in Line A(1) and A(4) , that the amount must be 6%. 




  • Line 1 A should be your sales after the Amusement Divisor is applied, not the total gross sales.
    • This makes the tax amount equal to what applies at the amusement rate, even though the form lists 6%, details are included below and in the linked DR-15 instructions.

  • The DR-15CS has an Amusement Divisor which must be applied PRE-gross, which effectively means you must apply the Amusement divisor to your gross before entering it into Trustfile. Trustfile does not apply the Amusement Divisor at this time. Make these adjustments to your numbers as follows before entering them into Trustfile Line 1(a) and Line 19: 

    • Total receipts divided by the amusement machine divisor for the sales/surtax% rate equals gross sales.
    • Total receipts minus gross sales equals tax due, including discretionary sales surtax due.
    • Gross sales multiplied by the surtax rate equals discretionary sales surtax due.
  • For Example: $100 ÷ 1.045 = $95.69 (gross sales)
    $100 - $95.69 = $4.31 (tax due, including surtax due)
    $95.69 x .005 = $.48 [surtax portion to be reported on Line 15(d)]

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