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Freshbooks Transactions in TrustFile

Freshbooks does not currently have the option to sync with TrustFile. 

To import transactions from Freshbooks use the following steps to generate the appropriate Freshbooks sales tax report:

  1. In Freshbooks, go to the Reports section
  2. Select Sales Tax Summary under Accounting Reports
  3. In the top left you will have either Total Billed or Total Collected (depending on if you ran the Report as Billed or Collected). This is the total overall value you either invoiced for or collected during that time, taxes included
  4. To adjust your view of the Sales Tax Summary Report, click on Filters under Settings
  5. In the top right corner, click on More Actions
  6. Click on Export to Excel
  7. A csv file will download to your computer
  8. Upload this csv file into TrustFile




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