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How-to fix Alerts and Errors on transactions in TrustFile


When you look under Transactions in TrustFile you see Errors and Alerts called out and would like to know how to fix them.

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Alerts and Errors are created in your transactions when there is information missing from the order. Alerts are created when there is no associated tax on the order and the jurisdiction for the order is not clear. Errors are created when tax was collected on the order but there is not sufficient shipping address information to determine which jurisdiction it needs to be remitted to.

To quickly view all transactions that have Alerts or Errors on them you can click the associated box in the header to filter the transactions list. You can also use Advanced Filtering fields to limit by validity type as well as other filters as well.

Any Alerts or Errors not included on returns will remain in the transaction list until they are corrected or deleted.

Correcting Alerts

Because Alerts have no tax collected most of the transactions likely can be deleted. If when reviewing transactions with Alerts you determine that the transaction does not need to be included on a return (most commonly these will be orders for international locations) you can select the order by clicking the check box on the far left of the line and clicking the now active Delete button.

If the Alert has come through via a Shopify connection and is missing a shipping address please refer to this How-to article for more details.

Correcting Errors

As Errors are generated for orders that had tax collected it is important that they are corrected to ensure that the tax is remitted to the proper taxing authority.

If an Error is for an international order it can be deleted as TrustFile only prepares and files US state-level returns.

If it is not evident that the order is for an international location you can click on the order in the transaction list to expand to see what the error reason is. Most often the shipping address is either missing or incomplete so the jurisdiction cannot be determined and the transaction cannot be added to the proper return.

  • To update information on a transaction click the check box on the far left of the line and click the now active Edit button. A pop-up will appear with the information for the order.

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  • Enter a shipping address with a minimum of state and zip and click Save and Exit.
    • If you do not have a record of what the shipping address was for the order you may want to copy & paste the origin address as you have no way of determining where the order went but you can prove where it came from so you are doing your best to remit the tax to a state with a connection to the order.

Note: If you need to correct multiple Alerts or Errors it is recommended that you do as many as possible at one time as the returns will need to be regenerated after you click Save and Exit and it will slow down the process to correct one at a time. You can click multiple check boxes or click the check box at the top of the transaction list to select all of the orders currently showing.

Note: Any deletions or changes in TrustFile will only be reflected in TrustFile. The transaction will remain the same in the original source.

Note: If you change or delete a transaction and need to revert it back to the original you will need to re-add the transaction in it's original state. Once you make a change or deletion in the transaction list it cannot be reversed.