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How-to Use TrustFile to Determine State Tax Prepayments

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How to use TrustFile to determine how much tax you may owe for prepayments in CA, IA, NJ, or NY. 

*Note - you cannot use TrustFile to report or pay each of your prepayments, but you're able to include the prepayment amounts on the quarterly returns.

First Step

Click Transactions in the menu bar.


Second Step

Click Advanced Filtering to expand report parameters.

Advanced Filtering.PNG

Third Step

Set the date fields under From and To to select the date range necessary, from the Jurisdiction dropdown select the state in which you need to pull the data for, and click Filter.


Final Step

Refer to the amount listed at the top of the page for the amount of Tax Collected. This is the amount that you collected for that state during that month and should align with the amount you would have due for your prepayment.


What's Next

You'll complete the above steps for the first two months of the quarter. During the final month of the quarter a return will have been generated and will be found on the main Dashboard. On that return banner there will be an Add Prepayment link. Click the link to enter in the amounts you have already paid for the first two months. The amount due will change and the prepayments will be added to the return.

Add Prepayment.PNG

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