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Enabling Auto-file in TrustFile

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What is auto-file?

Auto-file is TrustFile's fully automated sales tax return filing service. Once you enable auto-file for a state, TrustFile will use the sales data, state registration credentials, and payment account you've provided to automatically prepare, file, and remit payment for your returns. If you do not enable auto-file in TrustFile you would need to click the File Now button on every return to have your returns filed through TrustFile.

How-to enable auto-file

Auto-file needs to be enabled on a per state basis. Click the State settings link either from the dashboard or on the States & History tab under each state to adjust the settings for a particular state. Toggle the switch under Auto-file settings to enable auto-file for that state and click Save.

State settings.PNG

Once auto-file is enabled it will be reflected on the dashboard with the status changing as follows:

TFO Dashboard View - Autofile.PNG

Common Questions


 How much does auto-file cost?

Filing your returns though auto-file is the same price as choosing to manually approve and file your returns through TrustFile. For TrustFile Standard subscriptions, pricing starts at $18 per return and gets cheaper the more you file. For full pricing details click here. For TrustFile Premium subscriptions, your filing is included in your subscription price and that does not change for auto-filed returns.

Why do you need my bank account information?

The sales taxes you pay to the states when filing your returns are pulled directly from your bank account by the specified State DOR. We submit this information to the state though a secure channel to keep your information safe and confidential.

Can I enable auto-file in every state?

Yes, auto-file is available in every state that collects a state-level sales tax.

How do I turn off auto-file in a state?

To turn on off auto-file for a specific state, navigate to your state settings menu from your TrustFile dashboard. Toggle the autofile button to "off" and your return will no longer be automatically submitted to the state. 

NOTE: Auto-file must be disabled prior to 5 pm PST on the 5th day of the month if you do not want your return automatically submitted. 

Do I have to use auto-file in every state I file sales tax returns?

No, auto-file is enabled on a state-by-state basis to give you as much (or as little) control over filing your returns as you'd like.

When will my auto-file returns be filed with the state?

Your return will be filed between the 6th day of the month and the filing due date. 

Although your return may not register as ''filed" with the state, TrustFile cannot accept modifications to any sales tax return after 5pm on the 5th day of the month for auto-filed returns.

My dashboard says auto-file is closed for the month - what does that mean?

The deadline for enabling auto-file is always 5pm PST on the 5th day of the month. After this time, we are not able to allow additional auto-file requests to be submitted or modifications to be made to an auto-file requested return. 

If you discover an error on a return after 5pm on the 5th day of the month, you will need to file an amended return with the state.

What information do I need to enable auto-file for a specific state?

To auto-file your returns, TrustFile will need the following information from your business:
- Company name
- Company address
- FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)
- State Sales Tax Permit ID
- State filing credentials
- US based bank account

Before enabling auto-file, you must first be registered to collect sales tax in a state. If you would like help getting registered, contact your account manager.

Does auto-file cost more than clicking the file button from my dashboard?

No, auto-filing your returns is the same price as reviewing and filing your returns from your dashboard. The only difference is the peace-of-mind putting your returns on auto-file offers.

What if I need to edit a return after the auto-file deadline?

If you realize you need to edit a return after our 5m PST deadline on the 5th of the month, we ask that you file an amended return with the state.

How will I be charged for my auto-filed returns?

If you have a TrustFilee Standard subscription, we will bill your credit card or bank account on file for all returns you've auto-filed on the 1st business day of the month after they've been submitted.

How do I review a return that will be auto-filed?

To review your return, click on the "View Return" link for a specific state on your TrustFiledashboard. The next page you see allows you to view and edit every transaction included on your return, as well as the state and company information we send to the state.

Will I receive a notification when my auto-filed return has been submitted to the state?

Of course! We'll notify you by email when your return has been submitted to the state. You can always check the filing status of your returns directly from your TrustFile dashboard as well.

How will I determine what bank account is being used for my auto-file?

TrustFile is limiting your remittance account to a single account. If you previously had multiple remittance accounts in your account we will be removing older accounts and keeping your most recently used account. Please verify that the bank account in your TrustFile account is accurate.

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