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2-factor Email Setup in TrustFile State Settings

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Explanation and instructions on updating two-factor email setup for states that require it for TrustFile filing.

First Step

Refer to the States Guide for TrustFile for a list of the states that require 2-step authentication for TrustFile filing and log into TrustFile to retrieve your unique email within your state settings for any of the states in the list that require the authentication.

Two-factor email setup.PNG

Second Step

Log into the state's DOR site and update the authentication email in the settings. Below you will see an example of what it looks like on the MN DOR site. (Many states use the same setup for their DOR sites so this may become familiar.)



If the state's DOR site does not look like this you will need to access the login settings for the site and update the verification information under the Profile settings.

Note: Some states do not use a separate email for authentication and only use the main account email to send authentication codes, if this is the case you will update the account email to the email as the purpose of the email is to forward all emails received to the email listed in TrustFile under MY EMAIL FOR TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

What's Next

Once you have updated the email in the state's DOR site click the checkbox in the State Settings I have changed my dor email and click Save. Moving forward any emails sent to that email will be forwarded to you.

Note: if you do not receive an email that you are expecting from a DOR ensure you check your JUNK folder, as depending on your email settings the emails may be filtered there.

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