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Tax Prepayment and TrustFile

This article applies to:Avalara TrustFile

Some states require you to prepay taxes monthly with a payment voucher. For example, the CA BOE may ask you to file and remit taxes quarterly with the CA401 form, but prepay monthly with the CA1150 prepay voucher. You can still use TrustFile to file returns in those states.

Just prepay as usual, keeping a record of the amounts you prepay, and TrustFile prompts you to enter those amounts when you prepare your returns. You can even use TrustFile to figure out your prepayment amounts.

To calculate your prepayment amount:

  1. In TrustFile, next to the state you need to prepay, click View. The Review & File page for the state opens.
  2. Click Net Tax Uploaded. The transactions for the state display.
  3. Click Advanced Filtering, fill in the date range of the period you're prepaying for in the From and To fields, and then click Filter. The amount of tax you collected displays in the Tax Collected field. Your prepayment amount should be the same as the amount of tax you collected.
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