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Edit or Delete a Transaction

This article applies to:Avalara TrustFile

In the course of reconciling and troubleshooting problems with your transaction data, you may need to make changes. Edit or delete transactions to reconcile problems with this data.

If you use a connector to synchronize your data, remember that edits, deletions, or modifications to data in TrustFile aren't sent back to your accounting software. If you're synchronizing data, it may be easier to correct the error in the accounting software. When the connector synchronizes data, the error is corrected in TrustFile without reconciliation issues. It saves you the step of changing the transaction in two places.

To change a transaction in TrustFile:

  1. Search for a transaction
  2. Edit or delete the transaction, depending on the discrepancies you find in your transaction data

Search for a transaction

Find the transaction you need to edit or delete.

View all transactions on a return

  1. On the Current Returns page, locate the state return on which the transaction occurred, and then click View Details in the state summary window.
  2. On the Review & File page, click the Liability Report tab, scroll down, and then click Transactions in this return. Use Advanced Filtering to narrow down transactions in this return.

Search for an individual transaction

  1. On the Current Returns page, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the search window, enter the order ID, or enter the date range for the transaction and click the Magnifying Glass. For additional search options, click Advanced Filtering.

Edit a transaction

While reconciling and troubleshooting, you may find the need to change a transaction.

Once you've found a transaction:

  1. Click the boxes next to the transactions in question, and then click Edit.
  2. In the Edit transactions window, make any changes. There's a separate Edit button in the window for changing the Origin Address. If you selected multiple transactions for editing, when you're finished with the first transaction, click Next.
  3. Click Save All and Exit. The edited transactions disappear from the transactions table while TrustFile applies your changes. Depending on the number of transactions edited, there may be a short delay before they reappear.

Delete transaction data

While reconciling and troubleshooting, you may want to remove a transaction.

Delete an individual transaction

Once you find the transaction to remove:

  1. Click the boxes next to the transactions you want to delete, and then click Delete.

Delete all transactions in a source file

Entire transaction files can also be deleted.

  1. Click the Transactions tab, and then click Sources.
  2. On the right side of the page is a list of source files. Click Delete for the source file you'd like to remove.

Next steps

If you have trouble getting numbers to match, review our reconciliation and troubleshooting guide. If everything lines up, you're ready to file your returns.


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