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Manage Day-to-Day Activities in Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports for Accountants

Manage your day-to-day functions in Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports for Accountants. You can perform the following activities in the tool.

Manage your account

  • Add a client
  • Add an entity
  • Edit your accounting firm details
  • Edit client details
  • Edit entity details
  • Delete a client
  • Delete an entity

Create transfer pricing reports

  • Fill out a questionnaire to generate a new report.
  • Review approver suggestions and accept/reject changes.

Manage transfer pricing reports

  • View a Report: View a completed report or a questionnaire.
  • Amend a Report: Keep your reports updated whenever your business changes.
  • Download a Report: Download a completed report.
  • Export Data: Export report related data from the system.


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