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View and export client filing calendar details

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Filing calendars include information you'll need to know to file returns on behalf of your clients, including their filing frequency, registration numbers, and e-filing credentials. Learn how to filter, view, and export filing calendar details.


  1. In Returns for Accountants, select the Filing calendars tab.
  2. Use the filter options on the left to find the specific filing calendars you want to view or export, then select Go to apply the filters.
    For example, you could filter the Status to find only the Active filing calendars, or filter to find filing calendars for specific accounts, companies, or regions.
  3. Select the arrow icon to the left of a filing calendar to view the filing calendar details, split into several tabs:
    • Filing calendar detail: View the basic filing calendar information, including registration numbers, e-file username and password, effective and expiration dates, and company address.
    • Custom filing questions: View the answers to questions specific to the return form, if applicable. This often includes whether or not the client is required to make a prepayment, file a specific schedule, etc.
    • Recurring notes: View or add any recurring notes associated with the return. These can be used to provide the return preparer with important notes to keep in mind when they prepare the return.
    • Attachments: View or download any attachments associated with the return.
    • Errors: View any errors associated with the filing calendar.
    • Audit history: View a history of changes to the filing calendar.
    • Login validation history: View a history of the e-filing credential validation.
    • Bank information: View the bank information used to fund the return liability.
    • Historical filing requests: View any previous filing calendars on file for the same client and form number.
  4. Optionally, to export a spreadsheet including the information from the Filing calendar detail tab for all of the filtered filing calendars:
    1. Select the Export icon
    2. In the Include custom questions prompt, select Yes if you also want the export to include details from the Custom filing questions tab
      The export is queued.
    3. Select Hello, username > Downloads to check the status of the export.
    4. Select the icon in the File column to download the export when it's completed.
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