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Update client company and filing information

After you've set up Returns for Accountants, make sure that you keep your clients' information up-to-date.


  1. Manage client company information.
    Add new client companies as needed, or edit existing companies when their TIN, BIN, or primary company address changes.
  2. Manage client company locations.
    Add new company locations as needed, or edit the details of existing locations.
  3. Add or remove regions where your clients collect tax.
    Monitor where your client is registered to collect tax, then add new regions or edit existing regions as needed.
  4. Update client return forms.
    Schedule returns as your clients register in new regions, or update a scheduled return if there's a change to the filing frequency or other information you need when filing.
  5. Deactivate a company when you stop filing their returns.
    If you stop filing returns for a company, make sure to deactivate the company.

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