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Prepare and file returns

Once you've set up Returns for Accountants, you're ready to begin preparing and filing returns. This involves four essential milestones. Each milestone links to detailed step-by-step instructions to help you successfully complete each one. 


  1. Reconcile and review liabilities.
    Review liability reports in Returns for Accountants and reconcile them against the reports from your clients' business application.
  2. Lock the liability summary.
    After you've reconciled, lock the liability summary to prevent changes to the sales or liability details.
  3. Prepare a return.
    Enter the sales and liability details, as well as any other adjustments that need to be reported. 
  4. File a return.
    Submit the prepared return to the Department of Revenue.
  5. Troubleshoot return filing errors.
    Learn how to troubleshoot when a state Department of Revenue rejects a return you've tried to file.
  6. Upload the return filing confirmation.
    After you've submitted a return and received confirmation that it was successfully filed, upload the filing confirmation file to Returns for Accountants.
  7. Optional: Manage tax notices.
    If you resolve tax notices on behalf of your clients, upload them to Returns for Accountants to help track the status of the notices.

After you've completed these four milestones, make sure that you keep your clients' information up-to-date.

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