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Monitor where your client is registered to collect tax

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Use the Nexus Lookup report to identify the jurisdictions with which a company has registered. This report provides the following information:

  • Jurisdiction type
  • Effective date
  • Whether the jurisdiction has local jurisdictions associated with it
  • Nexus type, local type, and tax type


  1. In Returns for Accountants, go to Filing Calendar > Nexus Lookup.
  2. In the Filters pane, use the following fields to create your search criteria:
    • Company or companies
    • Tax type, such as Sales and Use; this is a required field
    • Country, US and CA (Canada); this is a required field
    • Region, such as Utah or Florida; this is a required field
    • Jurisdiction type, CNT (country), STA (state), CIT (city), STJ (special taxing jurisdiction), or CTY (county)
    • Jurisdiction, such as a county or district 
  3. Select Go.
    The table displays the results of your search.
  4. Review the report in your browser, or select Export  to download a spreadsheet version.
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