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Manage user permission groups

User permission groups give you the flexibility to manage the level of access each user has in Returns for Accountants. Use one of the three default permission groups, or create custom permission groups for even more flexibility.

As an administrator, you can create unique permission groups, and then add team members to one or more groups based on their roles and responsibilities. Access can be specified at a high level (for example, Companies) or at a specific level (for example, create or edit a company).


  1. In Returns for Accountants, go to Settings > Permissions.
  2. To review the default permission groups:
    1. Select ⋮ > Edit to the left of the group name:
      • ARAFirmAdmin: Advanced users with full access to firm settings, company settings, filing tasks, etc.
      • ARAFirmOwner: Standard users with access to most functions, including preparing and filing returns.
      • ARAFirmUser: Basic users with limited access.
    2. Select Cancel when you're done reviewing the permissions.
  3. To add a new permission group:
    1. Select the + icon.
    2. In the Add permission group menu, add a description and name for the group.
    3. Select the checkboxes to specify the permissions to assign to this group.
      • Select the arrow icons to display lower-level permissions and clear the permission status if you want to limit access.
      • For example, the Companies level can be expanded to provide permissions to create, read, or edit companies.
    4. Select Save when you're done.
  4. To make a copy of an existing permission group, select ⋮ > Copy to the left of the group name.
    You can then select ⋮ > Edit to adjust the permissions of the copied permission group.
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