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Manage tax notices

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

A tax notice is a letter or an email your client receives from a tax jurisdiction letting them know about a requirement, an adjustment, or an error involving their tax account. Learn how to use Returns for Accountants to track and manage tax notices your clients receive.


  1. Upload a representative power of attorney form.
    A power of attorney form for notices (also known as a representative or filing power of attorney) allows your firm to contact a jurisdiction on behalf of your client to resolve any tax notices they receive
  2. Upload a tax notice.
    As your clients send you tax notices related to the returns you file on their behalf, upload them to Returns for Accountants so you can track the status as you work to resolve the notices.
  3. Update a tax notice.
    After you upload a tax notice, make sure to update the notice details as your work to resolve it. This can help you to effectively track and communicate the status with your client.
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