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Guidelines for the filing calendar import template

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Use this information for help formatting the import file when you're importing filing calendars.

Column Column heading Requirement Description
A CompanyId Required

The CompanyId assigned to the client in Returns for Accountants.

To find this number, make sure the Company ID column is visible. Alternatively, this number is displayed in the Company column (in parenthesis after the company name).

B TaxFormCode Required The tax return form code. Download the full list of available returns to find the tax form code.
C FilingFrequencyId Required The filing frequency assigned by the state. Enter one of the following:
  • Annually
  • Bimonthly
  • InverseQuarterly
  • Monthly
  • Occasional
  • Quarterly
  • SemiAnnually
  • Weekly
D FilingTypeId Required The preferred filing method for the return. Enter one of the following:
  • EfileCheck
  • EFTPaper
  • ElectronicReturn
  • PaperReturn
  • PhonePaper
  • SER
  • SignatureReady
E TaxTypeId Required The tax types reported on the return. Enter one of the following:
  • All
  • Batteries
  • BothSalesAndUseTax
  • Bottle
  • ConsumersUseAndSellersUseTax
  • ConsumerUseAndSalesTax
  • ConsumerUseTax
  • E
  • EWaste
  • Fee
  • LightBulbs
  • Lodging
  • Rental
  • RentToOwn
  • SalesTax
  • UseTax
  • VATInputTax
  • VATNonrecoverableInputTax
  • VATOutputTax
F EffectiveDate Required The first day of the first filing period you want to file on behalf of the client
For example, to schedule an annual return for 2021, enter an effective date of 1/1/2021.
G EndDate Optional An expiration date to stop filing the return, if necessary
If there is no end date, the return continues to be filed until the client asks the return to be discontinued.
H StateRegistrationId Required Registration number provided by the state
I LocalRegistrationId Optional Registration number provided by the local jurisdiction, if applicable
J LocationCode Optional If the return is specific to a single company location, enter the location code. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
K LegalEntityName Required The legal name of the business.
L MailingAddressLine1 Required The first line of the client's mailing address.
M MailingAddressLine2 Optional The second line of the client's mailing address.
N MailingAddressCity Required The city of the client's mailing address.
O MailingAddressPostalCode Required The ZIP or postal code of the client's mailing address.
P MailingAddressRegion Required The state or region of the client's mailing address.
Q MailingAddressCountry Required The country of the client's mailing address.
R Phone Required The client's phone number.
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