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Guidelines for the company location import template

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Use this information for help formatting the import file when you're importing company locations.

Column Column heading Requirement Description
A CompanyId Required

The CompanyId assigned to the client in Returns for Accountants.

To find this number, make sure the Company ID column is visible. Alternatively, this number is displayed in the Company column (in parenthesis after the company name).

B LocationCode Required This is used to link transactions to the location, so it should match the location code provided by the client's business application
  • This location code must also be included with any transactions associated with this location
  • If this is a marketplace location, use the name of the marketplace (such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.)
C Description Optional A description of the location
D AddressTypeId Required

The type of address. Use one of the following:

  • Location
  • Marketplace
  • Salesperson
E AddressCategoryId Required

The category of the location. The available options depend on the AddressTypeId of the location:

  • AddressTypeId = Location: Use one of the following:
    • MainOffice
    • Storefront
    • Warehouse
    • NonPhysical
    • Other
  • AddressTypeId = Salesperson: Enter Salesperson
  • AddressTypeId = Marketplace: Use one of the following:
    • MarketplaceRemitsTax
    • SellerRemitsTax
F Line1 Required Address line 1 for the location
G Line2 Optional Address line 2 for the location
H Line3 Optional Address line 3 for the location
I City Required City name for the location
J County Optional County name for the location
K Region Required The two-character region (state, province, or territory) ISO code
L PostalCode Required ZIP or postal code for the location
M Country Optional The two-character country abbreviation for the location
N IsDefault Optional

Indicates whether to use the default outlet code (Requires type location)

  • 0 = Not default
  • 1 = Default outlet code (only one default per company)
O DBAName Optional "Doing business as" name
P OutletName Optional Outlet name
Q EffectiveDate Required Effective date for the location in yyyy-mm-dd or mm/dd/yyyy format
R EndDate Optional End date for the location in yyyy-mm-dd or mm/dd/yyyy format
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